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Island Interlock Services

We specialize in custom interlocking brick installations and segmental retaining wall systems. Services can also include landscaping, irrigation systems and fencing.


Interlocking Paving Stone Installations

We design our custom paving stone installations to complement your property’s natural attributes while reflecting your unique style and lifestyle. 

The process is based on our dedication to quality and commitment to your needs. Whether you have a design or are looking for help, our stones and bricks come in a variety of shapes, colours, finishes and textures that will work with every project and budget. Our prep work is second to none. We take great care in scraping away organics (which we recycle) and compacting the area. When we ensure the lines, grades and curves are correct, construction begins, followed by finishing.

Once we start a job, we stick with it till it’s done, providing continual progress reports and budget updates every step of the way. We believe that our installations should be enjoyed not only at completion but also during the design and build!

From outdoor fireplaces and custom kitchens to spectacular driveways and sidewalks, we treat every installation as its own work of art.

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Segmental Retaining Wall Systems

Looking for a way to add beauty and character as well as structural integrity to areas of your property? When you call on Island Interlock, you can be assured we’ll build the retaining wall you need – one that looks beautiful and is done right.

Again, from design through base preparation and construction, our certified team will follow all regulations, work with engineers and get inspections to make sure the walls we build will last forever. We have the experience and the know-how to keep your project on time, on budget and aligned with your vision while compliant with building codes.

Whether contemporary or formal, structural or aesthetic, our mortarless segmental retaining wall systems are available in a broad range of styles and colours to suit any taste.

Call for a free estimate on your raised terrace, patio, planters or parking areas today!

Landscaping, Irrigation and Cedar Fencing

While our focus is on paving stone installations and retaining wall systems, we also offer other services as part of the overall project. Our team has the skills bring your visions to life or are happy to work with others to help realize your plans.

If your ideas include irrigation systems, fabulous landscaping or additional fencing, we have the equipment and expertise to pull it all together. We’ll do what it takes to create a space you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

Ready to turn your yard into your dream living space?